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I Don’t Believe (Phillips) 01/22/06
Hangnail Phillips: Vocals, Rickenbacker 12-String, Lead guitar, Keyboards, Drums
Gregor Alligator: Bass

I Couldn’t Love You Any More But I Just Can’t Love You Anymore (Phillips) 12/18/05
Hangnail Phillips: Vocal, Guitars, Organ, Bass, & Drums
Dean Sapp: Fiddle, Dobro, & Mandolins

Harriet (Phillips) 08/26/05
Hangnail Phillips: Vocal, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Alto Recorder

Human Nature (Phillips) 03/28/05
Hangnail Phillips: Vocals, Keyboards, Electric Guitar, Digital Drums.

Scratch My Back (Phillips) 10/26/05
Hangnail Phillips: Vocals, Wah Wah Guitar
Accidents Will Happen:
Paul Poplawski: Lead Guitar
Gregor Alligator: Bass
Will Monson: Drums

Raspberry Skies (Phillips) 02/16-06
Hangnail Phillips: Vocals, Classical & Electric Guitars, Airline Chord Organ, Jaymar Toy Piano, Harmony Hippos, Mellotron Sampler, Bass, Drums, Tambourine

On The Morrow (Phillips) 03/26/06
Hangnail Phillips: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Whistling, Bass, Drums, Tambourine

(Theme from) Plans 1 To 8 From Outer Space (Phillips) 04/13/06
Tom Dougherty: Theremin
Hangnail Phillips: Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Drums

House Of Cards (Phillips) 08/01/06
Hangnail Phillips: Vocals, Guitars, Bass

Forestalling The Inevitable (Phillips) 01/07/06
Hangnail Phillips: Vocals, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitars, Organ, Mandolin, Drums, Bass

Clear The Air (Phillips) 03/11/06
Duet with Jacque Varsalona, Boyd Holmes: Trumpet, Don Fangman:Trombone; Dean Sapp: Dobro; Gregor Alligator: Bass, Hangnail Phillips: The Rest

Winds Of Change (Phillips) 09/11/05
Hangnail Phillips: All Parts

Un Piccolo Navigio (Trad Italian)
Hangnail’s Grandmother Rosa sings

Adagio For The Afterwards (Phillips) 06/03/06
Hangnail Phillips: Synthesizer

Hangnail Phillips is an ASCAP artist All Rights Reserved 2011

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