Artist History
“Hangnail Phillips [aka HC Phillips] is a Newark, Delaware area artist who strives to make every song he creates unique, while true to its genre, and reflective of his own blend of tastes and talents. Hangnail has been involved in every aspect of music creation and performance for many years as a singer, songwriter, producer, engineer, master technician, and teacher. He is the founding member of nearly a dozen bands [ie The Exotics, Rudy Baker & The Vegetables, Icarus, The Voltags, The Snaps, Hemlock, and Psyche 467] that enjoyed success throughout the mid-Atlantic area.

The years spent involved in the great personal bravery of real, nitty gritty of in-your performance – testing of material (at times at the expense of fruit, vegetables, and even mugs flying towards the stage) have helped shape Hang into the artist he is today, while and his material continue to evolve and grow-incorporating new and dynamic trends while retaining the beautiful lyrics and melodic comfort of everlasting genres.

Hang has written, performed on, and/or produced hundreds of songs, both as a solo artist and in collaboration with well-known colleagues. [Check out Randy Barnett And Second Chance Blues Band] He seems to be able to play any instrument that is required for a given project, including guitar [electric, acoustic, classical, & slide], bass, keyboards, saxophone, recorder, flute, clarinet, sitar, drums and percussion. His range of musical interests and output is not only widely ecclectic – it is remarkable.

I’d be hard pressed to think of another artist that I’ve experienced professionally or personally that is as comfortable and capable with a hard rocker as well as a soft melodic ballad; with a techno tune as well as a classical composition. He brings the best elements of all styles to his works and interweaves them with the fine thread of experience and skill. Yes. Experienced. Hangnail Phillips is not to merely be listened to. His textures are to be felt and seen. The music will touch you, and if you allow transport you. Have a great journey.”
by Harriet L. Perry, Senior Editor, Good Day Sunshine Magazine Copyright 2002

Group Members
Hangnail Phillips: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Saxophone, MIDI Orchestra, Sitar, Flute, Clarinet, Recorder, etc.
with assistance from Bullette: Vocals, lyrics, ideas, violin, percussion, engineering, red tea, confidant

are what you make them.

King Of Fools (in process of re-mastering), Wit’s End

Previous Bands

Band (time range) Members (etc)
The Exotics
Steve Burkhart, Randy Becker, Rick Smith, Gary Tremble, John Neda, Mark Alcorn, Bob Barbas, (Mike Adams, & Teddy Thomas).
The Rubber Band / Merry Timble
Dave Bennett, Charlie Hitman, & Steve Lambert
Pump Productions
Dave Bennett, Mike MacGuiness, John Beswick, Mobis Williams, & Bill Dube (John Adams, Mike Pratt, Don Fangman, Steve Lambert)

>> Read more about Pump Productions on My First Band Website

Rudy Baker & The Vegetables
Rob Sollazzi, Bill Blough, & Bill Dube (Charlie DeBrabander)

>> See Photos of RB&V from Rockford Park, DE, summer of ’72 courtesy of B. Blough

Nobody You Would Know
Marc Moss, John Sembiante, Chip Eanes, & Bill Dube
Nick Bucci, Rick Randall, & Bill Dube (Jeff Grear, John Spar)
Rick Randall & Jim “The Captain” Keesey (and an ever changing group of classical musicians)
The Voltags
Dave Bennett, Rick Reid, & Jim “The Captain” Keesey (Sam Chick)
The Snaps
Rick Reid, Jim “Wheels” Wheeler, & Jim “The Captain” Keesey, (Bob Carpenter)
Steve Tissot, Ev Windel, Jim “Wheels” Wheeler, Derek Malcolm, Jim “The Captain” Keesey, & Mike O’Connor (Bob Kreji)
Psyche 467
Stan Corbett, Michael Busch, & Jim “The Captain” Keesey (Charlie Hitman)

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