Scratch My Back (Phillips) 10/26/05
Hangnail Phillips: Vocals, Wah Wah Guitar
Accidents Will Happen:
Paul Poplawski: Lead Guitar
Gregor Alligator: Bass
Will Monson: Drums

From Forestalling the Inevitable
Copyright 2006, Hangnail Phillips


Scratch My Back (Phillips) 10/26/05

I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine
It would really help a lot
A little to the left now a little to the right
I know you can find the spot

And if you do this thing for me
I’ll do a thing for you
I’ll take you through to ecstasy
Just show me what to do

I’m reaching out to you
As you reach out to me
I mirror what you do
See what you see
But when I turn my back to you
You turn your back to me
If you don’t fix this itch I’ve got
I’ll never find relief

Ahh..that’s it, down a little
Now go!

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