Human Nature (Phillips) 03/28/05
Hangnail Phillips: Vocals, Keyboards, Electric Guitar, Digital Drums.

From Forestalling the Inevitable
Copyright 2006, Hangnail Phillips


Human Nature (Phillips) 03/28/05

You can walk up to the sign but you don’t have to read it.
You can take the warning but you don’t have to heed it
You’re probably gonna do what you want to most
It’s only human nature

You’re driving in your car with your temp light flashin’
The fuel shows low but you don’t feel like gassin’
You’re thinkin’  ’bout your life, double yellow line passin’
It’s only human nature

Cross cut lies run across your face
You’re a radical intrusion on my personal space
But nothing really matters when you lack the grace
You’re a back stabbing two faced
Money grubbin’ cheapskate
Stripped down chocked up
Mamma’s little Gerber boy

Your cigarette’s shot, burned down, and you throw it
You reach for another but you try not to show it
You’re dying of cancer and you don’t even know it
It’s only human nature

Rolls of real estate around your waste
You live on carbohydrates cause you lack the taste
Your heart beats harder trying to keep the pace
You’re a no good, feel good
Lurkin’ in the neighborhood
Thoughtless autopilot
Victim of human nature

You Don’t wanna go against nature do ya?

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