Let Me In (with Psyche 467)

Let Me In (Phillips)

There’s a midnight rain in Dowland and it’s freezing
And it’s a long long way to anywhere from here
There’s a distant glow from Aberdeen
But your light is the only one that’s near

Let me in
All I want is shelter from the storm
Let me in
It’s freezing and the fire is warm

It’s a long long way to paradise when you’re a dreamer
‘Cause you never really know which choice to make
There’s a million miles of highway to be traveled
But there’s only so much strain these legs can take

Copyright 1980, 2001, Hangnail Phillips

Hangnail Phillips: Lead Vocal, Gibson SG, Moog Synthsizer
Stand Corbett: Acoustic guitars
Mike Busch: Bass
James Keesey: Vocals, drums

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