Concrete Thought (James Keesey Lead Vocal)

Concrete Thought (Phillips)

I’d like to pave the world with concrete
Then I couldn’t see what we’ve become.
I’d really like the look of asphalt
Then all roads would really lead to Rome.

I’d like to set the world on fire
And leave us with a land of char and ash.
I’d like to see us drowning in our mire
And let that be our final dying breath.

We been steppin’ on God’s toes
And everybody knows
The world is goin’ down.

I’d like to pave the world with concrete
And make it flat from sea to shining sea.
Imagine strolling on an endless sidewalk
You’d never have your view obscured by trees.

We gotta face the world alone
Without The Beatles or The Stones
And what will we do now?

I’d like to spray the world with Krylon.
And hold it there for everyone to see.
I’d like change the air to a vacuum.
And watch the sun go down

Copyright 1992, Hangnail Phillips

James Keesey: Lead Vocal
Hangnail Phillips: Vocals, Midi Score (Drums and Digital Saxes),
Rickenbaker Bass, Classical Guitar,
Backwards Lead Guitar

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