Blue (Phillips-Corbett)

Blue (Lyrics by Stan Corbett – Music by Hangnail Phillips)

Blue that’s on the rise
Touched by a dark fluorescent hue
Seething with the weight of every angle’s point of view
By definition there is nothing to receive
The air is far to crisp for me to disbelieve

Moving side to side
The fading mist is hard to see
In subtle ways it still electrifies the scene
And underneath no one is putting on a show
Stripped to essentials at once dark and all aglow

Cold here serves to please
Frightened but at ease
Singular in thought and by design
Blue in mind

Feeling like a dream
Ethereal and on display
No sense of time
Clearer in purpose, words away
The wind swept trees are standing silent, I explore
No contradiction sensed, I wish I could say more

Cold here serves to please
Frightened but at ease
The singularity invigorates the cline
The color of the time
Bluer than thoughts

Copyright 1995, Crunchy Frog Music

Hangnail Phillips: Vocal, Egmund Acoustic 12-String Guitar, MIDI Score

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