Gray Day

Gray Day (Phillips)

It’s a gray day and it’s trying to rain
It’s been a long time
Now it’s trying again
We welcome a change in the weather
It’s been dry for so long
It’s a gray day but it won’t last long

It’s a cool day my head in the clouds
I’ve been singing
Just thinking out loud
How could I know you were dreaming
Of how much you need to be free
It’s a cool day for you and for me

In the night when the morning comes you’ll find me still awake
Staring up at the ceiling missing you
Even before Satyricon we’d sung our last refrain
You left me there
Standing in the rain

It’s a new moon and wonders abound
In the darkness I hear not a sound
And that which I thought was forever
Turned out to be just for a while
It’s a gray day but it won’t last long.
It’s a gray day but it won’t last long.

Hangnail Phillips: vocals, guitars, organ, bass, drums
Copyright 2001, Hangnail Phillips

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