Way Of Things (with Psyche 467)

Way Of Things (Phillips) (with Psyche 467)

Hey, I don’t know what to tell you
‘cept life ain’t black and white.
Through the haze and all the grays
It’s neither wrong nor right.
But there’s a way of things
And you can’t change that.

Girl, I wish that I could tell you
What you have to do.
But you see it’s not for me
It’s all within you.
There’s a way of things.
And it all works out.

As we pass beyond the glass
Of what we think should be,
Makes no matter when it shatters,
It was only a dream.
There’s a way of things
And we’re all one.

Copyright 1990, Hangnail Phillips

Hangnail Phillips: Lead Vocal, Sitar, Flute, Avatar Guitar Synthesizer
Michael Busch: Acoustic Guitar, Moog Synthesizer
Stan Corbett: Bass, Arp Synthesizer
James Keesey: Tablas, Drums

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