Here are two tracks from the “I’ll Get Back To You” sessions 2000-2002 by Randy Barnett & Second Chance Blues Band, produced by Hangnail Phillips.

There’s a touch of Hangnail in every track but with these two it’s particularly strong.

DOWNLOAD (right click/Save Target As) Work For Food

DOWNLOAD (right click/Save Target As) K.I.S.S.

Hangnail Phillips and Randy Barnett met in their freshman year of college when the University of Delaware housing lottery randomly chose them as roommates. They were both musicians with amazingly similar and eclectic tastes in music. Though they never truly joined forces together in a band, they remain life long friends.

In 2000 Randy had already begun recording rhythm tracks for his up coming CD when he asked for Hangnail’s help. For the next two years Randy and Hangnail worked religiously at Target Studios, Elkton, MD to realize each of Randy’s songs to its fullest potential. The result is the extraordinary “I’ll Get Back To You” CD available by contacting Randy directly:

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