Clear The Air (Phillips) 03/11/06
Duet with Jacque Varsalona, Boyd Holmes: Trumpet, Don Fangman:Trombone; Dean Sapp: Dobro; Gregor Alligator: Bass, Hangnail Phillips: The Rest

From Forestalling the Inevitable
Copyright 2006, Hangnail Phillips


Clear The Air (Phillips) 03-11-06

I’m trying just to clear the air
Put sunshine in my home
Threw open all the doors and windows
And let the mold be gone

I’m trying to find the fresher side
Step out in the yard
Discovering that a whole new world
Is really not that hard

The air breathes cleaner every breath I take
The sun shines brighter every step I take from you
I feel stronger when you’re furthest from my mind
I leave you far behind when I can

I’m diggin’ out the rake and spade
Time to turn the soil
I’m weeding out the ugly things
That set my blood to boil

I’m taking off my socks and shoes
Feel the dirt in my toes
I’m planting every seed I find
And watch my garden grow

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