Forestalling The Inevitable (Phillips) 01/07/06
Hangnail Phillips: Vocals, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitars, Organ, Mandolin, Drums, Bass

From Forestalling the Inevitable
Copyright 2006, Hangnail Phillips


Forestalling The Inevitable (Phillips) 01/07/06

I’ll hold my breath
’til you say yes
But you just laugh at me
’cause I don’t know
What you know
That soon I’ll have to breathe
I fold my arms thinking I’m incredible
But I am just forestalling the inevitable

I don’t pry
Or question why
The story will unfold
’cause what will be
Will surely be
No matter how it’s told
And if I understand, well that’s incredible
I am just forestalling the inevitable

Things go past me right in stride
I’m along just for the ride
And I don’t like to add up all the costs

And if the details slip me by
I don’t care to wonder why
Everything will come out in the wash

We exercise
And watch our sides
And try not to get killed in our car
And if we’re good
Like Mother said we should
We will get real far

And if we live to a hundred, well that’s incredible
But we are just forestalling the inevitable

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