Vince Rago owned and managed the Wilmington, Delaware based Richie Records from 1961-1968. His label featured Soul, Doo-wop, Pop, Rock and Psychedelic artists from the Delaware Valley. As talent scout for the area, he nurtured the musical careers of dozens of area singer-songwriters and fueled the dreams of thousands.

Hangnail Phillips has compiled this discography in fond memory of a man, who at his own expense, brought so much encouragement to musicians from Philadelphia and Baltimore to the Jersey shore. Hangnail’s first trip to a recording studio in 1967 with The Exotics was funded by Vince Rago.

Special thanks to Mac Thomas, Ted Munda, Johnny Neel, Vic Livingston, & Monika Bullette. If you would like to add or dispute any of the information listed here please contact us with the subject “Richie Records”.

A Side B Side Artist Catalog Number Year
Everybody Pony Tick Tick Tock Teddy & The Continentals R1001 1961
Why Did I Fall In Love With You Do You Teddy & The Continentals R445 1961
Tighten Up Do You Teddy & The Continentals R445 1961
Boys Who Don’t Understand Billy The Kidder The Continettes R452 1961
Crying Over You Crossfire With My Baby Teddy & The Continentals R453 1961
Goodbye Cheatin’ Lover Don’t Let me Go The Vee-Jays R456 1961
You’re Too Young For Me You’re Too Young For Me Johnny & The Dreams R457 1961
Please Don’t Cheat On Me If You Should Leave Me The Sinceres R545 1961
Beyond The Rim Beyond The Rim The Misfits R65-3 1965
Believe Me Confess The Adapters R65-4 1965
I Call It Home Find Someone Teddy Continental with Joey & The Challengers R65-6/7 1965
Don’t You care [Vocal] Don’t You Care [Instrumental] The Stairways R66-3 1966
The Lion Something Special The Traditions R66-6 1966
In The Eyes Of The World In The Eyes Of The World The Enfields R669 1966
She Already Has Somebody I’m For Things You Do The Enfields RI-670 1966
You Don’t Have Very Far Face To face The Enfields RI-671 1966
Psychedelic Ride Fool For Temptation The Contemporaries R672 1966
Talking About People The Secret Word Is Prayer Johnny Neel & Shapes Of Soul R6712/6711 1966
Twelve Month Coming Time Card The Enfields R675 1967
Everybody (Do The) Stomp The Secret Word (Is Prayer) Johnny Neel & The Shape R695/696 1967
Look Out World [Vocal] Look Out World [Instrumental] Johnny Neel & The Shapes Of Soul R696 1967
We Can Make It Together We Can Make It Together Johnny Neel & The Shapes Of Soul
Where Will We Go Tomorrow The Truth Internal Calm [Johnny Neel] R701-W/T 1968




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