41 Hotel

41 Hotel (Phillips)

I’m holdin’ me a letter, baby sent to me
She says she’s going back to her Pa
Even though he drinks at night and drives her friends away
He’s better than the sort that I’m

She told me I been sweet to her and showed her what love can be
With me she feels so safe and secure
So she gave me a one way ticket and I’m gonna spend my days
Sittin’ here at the 41 Hotel

[aside] I’m scrapin’. My eyes are stingin’ me

Every time I think about the way she up and threw me out
It hurts me right down to my soul
She made her mind, didn’t care about mine
Left me out in the cold, oh!

Copyright 2001, Hangnail Phillips

Hangnail Phillips: Vocal, Egmund Acoustic 12-string, Slide guitar, Blues Harp, Bass

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