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King of Fools

  1. Images Of Lace (with Psyche 467)
  2. King Of Fools
  3. Hey Lucinda
  4. Collar To The Wind
  5. Nothing Left (with Stan Corbett)
  6. Forever For You
  7. 41 Hotel
  8. Walking Disease
  9. Way Of Things (with Psyche 467)
  10. Problems Of Happiness
  11. Gray Day
  12. Big Blue Sky
  13. Blue (Phillips-Corbett)
  14. King Of Fools(Younger Version)
  15. Concrete Thought (James Keesey Lead Vocal)
  16. Let Me In (with Psyche 467)

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Nothing Left (Slow Version)
  2. Problems Of Happiness (Original Demo 1985)

Hangnail Phillips: Vocals, guitars, sitar, keyboards, clarinet, sax, Flute, harmonica, drums, etc.
James Keesey: Vocals, drums, tablas, bongos, etc.
Stan Corbett: Guitar, drum machine, synthesizer, bass
Mike Busch: Bass, guitar
Dave Bennett: Keyboard on “Problems Of Happiness”
Nothing Left (theme from the Scott Shaw film)

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